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About Us

Welcome to Mon Petit Amour Manolo, where luxury meets companionship.

Founded by Crystal Lynn, a passionate advocate for the finer things in life and her beloved dog, Manolo Pigmop, our brand is inspired by the deep bond shared between pet and owner.

Crystal Lynn's journey began when she met Manolo, a rescue dog who stole her heart. As her constant companion and muse, Manolo ignited a passion within Crystal to celebrate the beauty of their connection through elegant accessories that reflect their shared appreciation for life's luxuries.

At Mon Petit Amour Manolo, we believe that every pet deserves to be a part of life's most cherished moments. This is why we are a charity led business, with a portion of profits donated to Pound Paws charity. We also operate pledges, for pet guardians - to encourage lifetime commitments to their pets, thus reducing the chance of pets ending up at the pound.

Join us on this journey of elegance, sophistication, and unconditional love as we celebrate the extraordinary companionship found in the company of our beloved pets.