Introducing Coco The Peekapoo

Introducing Coco The Peekapoo

Meet Coco The Peekapoo: Dogs of Mon Petit Amour Manolo

At Mon Petit Amour Manolo, we love celebrating the unique and wonderful personalities of our four-legged friends. Today, we're excited to introduce you to Coco The Peekapoo, a delightful influencer dog who has recently made a big move from Sydney to Los Angeles. Let's dive into Coco's story and learn more about her fabulous life!

Q1) Describe yourself in three words

Coco: Sassy, affectionate, and cheeky.

Q2) How did you and mumma Alina meet?

Coco: Mumma was walking past a pet store in Chatswood, and it was love at first sight. She took me home the next day, and the rest is history.

Q3) You recently moved to Los Angeles from Sydney - how was the trip?

Coco: I spent a day in boarding and 13.5 hours on the flight. My hoo-mans picked me up 2 hours after I landed in Los Angeles. They were so surprised to see how well I settled in the first night. Everything went smoothly.

Q4) How do you compare the cities?

Coco: We love that Los Angeles is dog-friendly; dogs are allowed almost everywhere with no questions asked. In Sydney, I wasn’t able to go into supermarkets, restaurants, or department stores/malls. The weather in Los Angeles is much warmer than Sydney, so I have been adjusting to the heat. I feel like Sydney is where Los Angeles was 10-15 years ago.

Q5) Share with us a bit about your life in Sydney. We were always seeing you attending doggie social events and being a top influencer for premium dog products.

Coco: I lived a comfortable life in Sydney, attending so many dog events, and making incredible furiends. We built a strong networking system within the dog community. My typical weekend in Sydney sometimes involved attending 2-3 doggie events. We love networking, making new furiends, and catching up with our existing ones.

Q6) What is the Los Angeles dog scene like?

Coco: I’ve noticed there are a lot more dog events here, but they are not as grand and luxe as the Sydney events.

Q7) Do you have a favourite cafe or park to go to? Share with us.

Coco: I love going to Balboa Lake. You can hire bikes with baskets and pedal around the lake (of course, the basket is for me to sit in). It’s very scenic, and we then head to a dog-friendly pub with the bikes to have lunch.

Q8) What’s next for Coco?

Coco: Hollywood! I am living my best life in Los Angeles, doing normal dog things like chasing squirrels, going for walkies, and exploring. I have some friends in LA that I met through Instagram a few years back, and I have caught up with them since the move. I am hoping to get my paws into the dog community in Los Angeles and build new networks and relationships.

We can't wait to see what the future holds for Coco The Peekapoo. Follow her adventures on Instagram and stay tuned for more updates from this fabulous pup.