Finding the Perfect Colour Palette for Your Pet

Finding the Perfect Colour Palette for Your Pet

When it comes to choosing the right colour pet lead for your pet, finding the right colour palette can make a big difference in enhancing their natural beauty. Whether it's a collar, harness, or silk twilly the right colours can make your furry friend look their best. Here's a guide to help you determine which colours suit your pet the best.

Understanding Your Pet's Colour Type

Just like with humans, pet can be categorised into colour types based on their coat, eyes, and even skin tone. These colour types can help you determine which hues will complement your pet the most.

Warm vs. Cool Colour Types

Pets with warm colour types typically have coats with gold, red, or yellow undertones. Their eyes might be a warm brown, amber, or hazel. These pets often have a sunny or golden glow to their fur.

On the other hand, pets with cool colour types usually have coats with blue, gray, or ashy undertones. Their eyes might be blue, green, or a cool brown. These pets often have a sleek, silvery look to their fur.

Finding Your Pet's Colour Type

Step 1: Examine Your Pet's Coat

Take a close look at your dog's (pet example) fur. Does it have a golden or reddish hue? Or does it lean more towards blue or gray tones? Warm coats might include colors like golden retrievers, red spaniels, and yellow labs. Cool coats might include breeds like Siberian huskies, blue heelers, and greyhounds.

Step 2: Look at Their Eyes

Warm-eyed dogs often have eyes that are brown, hazel, or amber. Cool-eyed dogs often have blue, green, or gray eyes. The eye colour can give you a good hint about their overall colour type.

Step 3: Consider Their Skin Tone

If your dog has visible skin, such as on their belly or around their nose, take a look at the undertone. Warm-toned skin might appear more yellow or golden, while cool-toned skin might look more pink or blue.

Choosing Colours for Warm-Toned Pets

Warm-toned pets look best in colours that reflect their natural warmth. Consider accessories in shades like:

  • Rich reds
  • Deep oranges
  • Warm yellows
  • Earthy browns
  • Olive greens

These colours will enhance their golden hues and make them look vibrant and healthy.

Choosing Colors for Cool-Toned Pets

Cool-toned pets shine in colours that complement their sleek, cool appearance. Opt for accessories in shades like:

  • Icy blues
  • Soft lavenders
  • Cool greys
  • Mint greens
  • Crisp whites

These colours will enhance their natural coolness and make them stand out.

Experiment and Have Fun

Don't be afraid to experiment with different colours to see what looks best on your pet. Sometimes, the unexpected choice might be the perfect one. The most important thing is that your dog feels comfortable and happy in whatever they wear.


Finding the right colour palette for your pet can enhance their natural beauty and make them stand out. By understanding their color type and choosing colors that complement their coat, eyes, and skin tone, you can ensure your furry friend always looks their best. 

Now that you know which colours work best for your fur-baby, why not head on over to our store and find the paw-fect colour lead for them! 🥰